The Red Weeder combines reliable selective wiping with ease of operation that is the envy of the industry. The Red Weeder wiping surface stays continuously wet without operator adjustment whether used in heavy or light wiping conditions. Our unique design automatically maintains an extremely wet wiping surface.


To fill, place filler plug end in upright position, remove end plug, and fill the Red Weeder’s handle portion only. Filling the remaining portion (elbow to filler plug) can result in some initial dripping. Tighten plug securely. When starting with dry wicking material allow time for the wick to saturate. Shake to speed up saturation. Excessive shaking can cause dripping. In normal operation the Red Weeder will feed rapidly without dripping. If you momentarily need faster herbicide delivery, shake as needed. If the unit drips while upright and stationary check the filler plug for a proper seal. Do not raise the head of the Red Weeder above the handle while in use. Doing so will result in air entering and dripping will result.


When using a nonselective herbicide such as Roundup® in the Red Weeder any plant the applicator contacts may be killed!! When the wiper is being used to selectively control weeds from around desirable plants such as lawn, shrubs, trees, berries, etc. care must be taken to not allow contact of the herbicide saturated wiper head to touch the vegetations of the desirable plants.

Storage & Clean Up

Return the unused herbicide to the original container or dispose of it safely. Some herbicides should not be stored in diluted or contaminated solutions, observe the chemical label. Do not allow herbicide to freeze in the Red Weeder. Triple rinsing the Red Weeder and applicator sleeve with ample water is the recommended procedure for most chemicals (observe the chemical label).


Various contact herbicides may be used in your Red Weeder. Examples of these are Roundup® (Monsanto) or 2-4-D. A recommended mix for Round up is 1 to 5 ratio, or for other herbicides, follow the manufacturers instructions and precautions.


Herbicides can be hazardous. Handle chemicals and equipment responsibly. Keep away from children, and pets. Store herbicides in original containers and keep appropriate label in place.

The Red Weeder will apply the herbicide with a light wiping motion. Excessive scrubbing or rubbing is not necessary and will accelerate the sleeve wear. Use of an agricultural dye in herbicide mix will let you see where the herbicide has been applied.

Replacement sleeves are available!
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