The Vogels Wick Weeder is a rope wick applicator that efficiently places herbicide on the weed surface, giving good control options over a broad range of weeds and vegetation conditions.

It was designed by Paul Vogels in 1978 for use on his farm as a low-cost method of applying herbicide to escape weeds. There are units available to mount onto ATVs, UTVs, loader's, and also trail models. It is environmentally friendly with no overspray or wind drift.

The Wick

Our Wick Weeders are comprised of a 3” tube with individual ropes or wicks overlapping each other along the 5' length of tube. The wicks are 18" in length with an 8" exposure outside the tube. The wick is fed with chemical mixture from both ends. The chemical only has to travel 4". The wick is a 1/2" rope with wick material in the center with a very tough nylon sheath on top. Because of the rope diameter this wick is very aggressive when it hits a weed making excellent contact with the weed.

The Frame

The Vogels Wick Weeder trail model frames are a heavy duty constructed frame, designed to with stand no-till conditions. The wheels are adjustable for different row widths and the wings are hinged to float independently. The larger units have four wheels for following the rugged ground contour.

The ATV models bolt onto the front carrier and fold up for a transport width of 5'. They are lightweight and the height adjustment is manual.

The loader models are designed to fit onto the loader after you take the bucket off. Quick attach mounting brackets are available. All units fold up for a transport width of 10'. These units can be either for a loader or for the 3pth.


Ezee Roll makes this wheel for a variety of heavy duty uses. Its 1/4" solid steel spokes makes it strong and being all electric welded makes it very rigid. This wheel also features a quality sealed roller bearing which helps to ensure a long, maintenance free life. Add to those outstanding rugged features a 20" fully pneumatic tire & tube and its easy to see why they nicknamed this wheel the "field wheel". It remains a popular choice for weed wipers.

Hand Models

The hand models are a popular choice because you can wipe the herbicide exactly where you want it. They are easy to operate, light weight, the handle holds the herbicide, there is no drift and there is a replaceable applicator sleeve. There are two different models to pick from, one is designed like a hockey stick and the other is a dabber.

We also have a push model which is ideal for applications on spot patches of weeds. It is light weight with a rigid steel frame that is easy to manoeuvre thanks to the 20" wheels.


End wheels - can be placed very simply and quickly on any of our machines.

Pressure System – 5 or 12 gallon tank on a pedestal with hose, hose barbs and a bank of valves to control flow. This tank is used to provide extra capacity and flow onto the wicks where weed infestation is heavy.

Solenoid – controls the flow from the tank to the wick tubes. You can mount your controls onto your tractor, ATV, UTV, etc.